Real questions from actual customers and our replies to them.


Q. Can u inbox me more details how to use your company


A. Our service offers you the ability to order goods and have your items shipped to your address in the USA. We then receive, inspect and if you like repack your packages so that you can save on international shipping to your destination.


You can register at the following link for free to receive a free US address instantly:




For rate estimates you can use our shipping calculator:




After you are all set, you can begin shopping and using us to receive your packages. Then, once you are ready you can log into your account and instruct us on how you would like your items forwarded to you.

It’s that Simple!


Q. What is in my advantage of purchasing items myself? What will be the cost if you make a purchase for me?

A. We charge a 10% fee of the transaction cost or $10 minimum if we place the order.

In terms of your advantage it depends on the merchant. Some merchants do no like to accept international credit cards and if this is the case then using our shopping service will benefit you. On the other hand if they do not mind then you save that 10% fee by placing the order yourself and only paying us to handle the shipping.


Q. Can I also shop online at www.alibaba.com?

A. Yes you can! Using your US Address you can shop anywhere and have your items delivered to us.


Q. I saw the shipping calculator for air shipping, do you also have a shipping calculator which calculate the shipping cost by sea?

A. Unfortunately we do not have a calculator for ocean at this time but we do offer ocean shipping. Please Contact US with the details of the items you would like to ship and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.


Q. When is the cut off period for my items to get there in order to make the flight?

A. Our cutoff period is 12Pm the previous day before a flight for Amerijet shipments. For FedEx Shipments our cutoff is 3PM the same day.


Q. Can I buy something online and ship it to My Country??

A. Our service does precisely that. You use your ShopGT address as your address in the USA and we will receive, repack and consolidate your items and then forward them to whichever country you are in!


Q. One of my major problems with other freight forwarders is they don’t offer repacking. Most of the times sellers in the US sends items in large boxes, amounting to huge volume weights. Do you offer repacking and how much?

A. Yes we offer repacking free of charge to club members. For Standard members we charge $3 per package to repack and reduce volume weight based on what we determine is best. If you have special requests we charge $5 for each of these requests.


Q. What is considered a special request?

A. For example if you have 3 pieces and you would like to combine 2 into one box and the other to remain in its original box.

Or if you have shoes and you want us to remove them from the shoe box and send. These kind of requests.


Q. Would u guys notify me when it arrives with regards to the physical or volume weight?

A. Yes, once an item arrives and is entered into our system you will be able to see both the actual weight and volume weight in your account.


Q. Where do I put the XXXxxxx part of my US address when placing orders because I am afraid the shipping company may view this address as incorrect?

A. This part of your address can be entered into any of the following fields:

Address Line 2
Suite Number
Apt Number
PO Box Number
Building Number

If none of these fields are available contact us with the website you are shopping at and we will let you know.


Q. If I buy stuff from 2 different sites, do I pay for one shipment or separately?

A. We automatically consolidate your packages so if you order from 2 sites we will combine all of your items together and you pay for one shipment.


Q. Why can't I get a total for everything including all local charges?

A. Why we don't calculate duties/taxes upfront is because if we did we would have to use a very high percentage to compensate for the volatility of the charges we pay in Guyana. This is what most companies do who give these costs upfront. We would rather charge based on what we pay which we believe is fair to both of us.

**We are currently working with local customs in the countries we service to come up with an accurate calculator for these charges.